A Dog, Three Cats, And Me

A dog, three cats, and me,
live peacefully by the sea,
We arise each day, to greet the dawn,
and of life, we seem to agree.
They have no special demands,
they are not very precise, you see,
all they want is a home full of love,
food and warmth is what they need.
We eat our breakfast together,
and then, our walk on the beach,
The dog runs way ahead,
while the cats stray out of reach.
Then the cats have a surge of power,
and run to catch up with me,
and then they strut so proudly,
as they walk beside to see.
Animals are different than people,
not a lot of care is needed.
They just need the love and care,
then your command is always heeded.
I show them love, by caring,
and have their meals on time,
and they, in return, comfort me,
we have a life that is sublime.

by Jean Clifford

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