A Dog With Six Names

This is a poem about a dog
Not just any dog, but our dog.

It’s funny how everyone wanted to

by Arsiema Berhane Click to read full poem

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Really nice A.B, but if you give me a chance, I would rather stick with ur elder brother's choice(Jaguar) ! ! ! ha ha ha
What is but deep inside a name but a nere label? ... Clark Gable? Spencer Tracey? .. Nothing picked should be way too dirty or even extremely way too racey. If you pick the name Shit For Short... Everybody else will think you are completely crazy. So be cautious when picking that name... For in the end you'll have to 'fess up and take the blame. For in uneducated guesses there can be no shame... Stupid and dumb and idiotic will be your imortal fame. So in short- Just be a non caring sport... Do not give back an unwanted retort. Great poem-Hadda givvitta ten. God bless all poets-MJG.
Great poem full of humour, quirkiness, and humanity. I can really sympathize with the difficulties in choosing a name for a dog. I just might call my new puppy 'Dog' :)
An incredible write - so funny, so true! Dogs have to know their name, or they can't come when called. Your mother was very wise. And you are a fine poet.
lovely write arsiema...i love my dog...and i know how confused she would be if everyone called her differently...nalini
Loved this one just great I like the way you write Brilliant cheers Sylvie
waw it is a real tallent, i fell that you see every thing with your both eyes and your mind, this mean that you have a great gift 4 poems.
My parents faced the same problem when I was born, and all the people in the house gave me different names. And went by all of them for a while. Your mother was right to put an end to it :) One can argue about such things for ever. A funny nice poem. Julia
Love the quirky sense of humour. This was entertaining and very enjoyable. Hugs Anna xxx
First of all, I love dogs and I am familiar with this dilemma. It's nice to read something like this. Thank you, Arsiema.
This is so funny. We did have a hunting hound we named 'dawg'. It just seemed to fit him perfectly. I truly enjoyed this piece of family humor. Rita
LoL Arsiema! Good one! Liked it a lot hehe, it cracked me up!
This is a good one. Sounds a little like my own family!
Love the last stanza. Very funny. Liz.
I'm glad he was a 'dog' and not a 'bitch' Arsiema, that would have given 'her' a real personality complex. Well written. Love Ernestine XXX
Brilliant! And an apt name for a dog! Moyax
a lovely poem about someone who brings sucj joy to you and your family