Charming & grateful
So wonderful to be
A life of a flower
It's humble to see

It's Blossom in the sun
Has its own pretty Smile
That Clams the Weather
While the winds blowing mile

For when a dew drop
Sits on the Frond
It senses its motion
And softly responds

The fragrance provided
With Freshness & ease
Dancing to the Music
Of the passing by breeze

Purity of Colors
With Divinity & Grace
They are so beautiful
For All occasions to Embrace

by Ryson D'souza

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great poem..... Great to read
The hands that opened the door and rescued shut it again throwing out the rescued...The door as sudden shut, and I, I, lost, was passing by, - Lost doubly, but by contrast most, Enlightening misery....a way to accept misery....only Emily can write
Soooooo good. Amazing one
Ha! Enlightened misery... Funny thought.
.......a door opens to another life then closes...amazing read..
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