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A Dot Theory By Cauchy3
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A Dot Theory By Cauchy3

Poem By cheung shun sang

A dot theory by Cauchy3.
To wooed canto from God Marxism on maximum monstrosity is full play.
Who swear a book brought up struggles.
Who paint the bloods on white breads of philosophers?
Am I a philosopher?
No if I got the pro-nature.
But yes of I do the rest and jump high.
Some jump high to kick away the devil s throats on evil heads.
The right words are processes of right control.
Who are last and who obtain the right options.
What is moral? That is the right that acquired by the poor classes.
What is Tao?
That is the way that suffices to strike back the violence of evil matches.
Then hit and praise the sticks that slap with good prices.
Who barrows the cargoes to our fates given up dome points?
Who give you powers to successes given the most words?
Dead reckoning beat to death.
Maoism has low baud rates but sharp screwing.
Very good Macs are jackets to wrap the red rains.
To bemoan the mocked quiz for good people is one book.
Good people how to take the mocked quiz.
All play camps are with slave play fellows for camp flowers.
There are many wind flowers by blows or powers in remittances.
Powers annexed papers and colors controlled winds!
Good sciences devices substances and real politic devices oneself as well as others.
What is a tool?
It is a dice or our hand.
Do we need to low down to up load?
Regard no reputations with little honors.
Regard no results with bad reasons.
If so we fly over above line.
We can not get the rewards.
However all dots are so thin to define we could not get the rewards of a number.
Powers on men are dots of morals.
Powers on earths are triple tridents that tried on evil s right and tried on bad deep mock quiz and final is tried on dickens laws.
Evils trials to us are by Hadaka-Jime to good reactions, hold down the facing down on views and think out disciplines by décor truths.
--Cheung Shun Sang=Cauchy3--

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