A Dot

Poem By Daniele Pinna

I am a dot,
a tiny dot,
occupying this lonely spot.

I am dust,
gagging rust,
gathering on a tarnished pot.

I am a tear,
a long-wept cheer,
smudging a poetic plot.

I am a boy,
a useless toy,
analyzing a lonely dot.

Comments about A Dot

dammit. *honestly. i hate typos. so there goes my romantic moment, ruined by a misspelling. (heh, just kidding 'bout the love thing, by the way, don't think i'm a creep.)
Outstanding. I honesly think I love you.

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Among these silent rocks,
darkness all about;


Waterfall of doubts
splashing on the misty shore.
Ripples cradle me.


For me tonight is but a night
of a harlot's miser curse;
that I may fight my shameful blight
and test this latent verse.


I'm sure that searching
my soul I'd find,
a little bit of paradise
lost far inside my mind.


The first sunrise;
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