AM (July,1975 / Indiana, United States)

Good Times

my daddy has paid the rent
and the insurance man is gone
and the lights is back on
and my uncle brud has hit
for one dollar straight
and they is good times
good times
good times

my mama has made bread
and grampaw has come
and everybody is drunk
and dancing in the kitchen
and singing in the kitchen
of these is good times
good times
good times

oh children think about the
good times

by Lucille Clifton

Comments (9)

idk y but i have tears in my eyes that is a precious poem :)
The poignancy of your verse is truly haunting in the centre of the context about the rose that is dying. A parallel is met with the human existence in this very beautiful poem that cries aloud in its temerity. Thanks, Arya
I love this poem. Great. Thank you.
A.J. what an enchanting little piece. I wonder why roses always seem to be a poets favourite flower. I've used it many times myself. The delicate way you describe the withering rose is very visual and sad. The poems is beautiful. Thank you for sharing it.10/10 from me. David
Amazing imagery and written with a delicate style so characteristic of the roses in question. Beautifully done! Brian
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