A Dreadful Day

Poem By A.J. McKinley

Have you ever walked on a sea of sand?
And thought it broken glass?
Have you left your heart in a barren land?
And be haunted by the past?

Have you ever smiled at something blue?
And be drenched by pouring rain?
Have you ever felt love close to you?
And be seared with white-hot pain?

Were you born under a crescent moon?
When you thought it should be full?
Have you ever trusted then broken in two
By the act of a sadistic fool?

Have you ever gazed the stars at night
With mists of tearful thoughts?
Have you ever loved with all of your heart?
Only to find yourself lost?

Comments about A Dreadful Day

A.J. I can relate to everything that you said in this wonderful poem. In my eyes, just beautiful. Thank you for sharing it. David
that was really great I loved it one of those have you ever poems adn I'm not just sayin that cause you say it through out the poem it really it just one of those poems. kk loved it good job. Lylyanna
I've had some of those, nice poem ; -)

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