A Dream

Once I dreamed I awoke on a ship
In my own special room, as she swayed and dipped
I walk down the corridors, just like a queen
Touching and seeing the things in my dream
I stopped at the railing and looked at the sea
And it just as fine and as clear as could be
But storm clouds arose and the ship began to toss
I ran back to my room, completely at loss
How to find a life jacket somewhere on that boat
Something in case, just to keep me afloat
I hunted for hours; it seemed quite a search
But when I woke up, I was wearing a purse.

by Patti Masterman

Comments (7)

dreams can be alarming. nice write
Good job it wasn't the one about eating a marshmallow and not being able find the pillow! This actually has a lovely ethereal feel to it. You have captured an essence of the dreamstate.
Time to get off the ship, and pursue a boat of your own? Dreams seem to have a language all their own, if only we could learn it. Very good poem, and dream.
Glad you did not fall over board or get sea sick..... Nice dream and love the ending....... Jim Troy
A seafaring dream indeed funny what we dream at times..I dream P/H will work at my first click not so only a dream....nice one..regards
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