LDC ( / San Jose, California, USA)

A Dream

Saints are God's philanthropic people
and the recipients of a Nobel prize
also the Red Cross, the Salvation Army
the President and his wife.
We have a wonderful gift
God gave us life
If we discard the hate
for sure our world will be a better place.
America has got great compassion
and it doesn't need to prove it with emissaries
the only change is to give directly to the poor, filling their passions,
elimination of all the intermediaries.
Compassion with immigrant people with hunger
who are desperate and in need of help from this country
give them a hand is all they want
this is a wonderful country of immigrants.
Reduce or discontinue the giveaway of millions to foreign
It is of better help directly to our own people
right here at home with the help of volunteers
like the Red Cross, it will be easy to find them.

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