A Dream

Poem By Valerie Dohren

Today I slipped into a dream
And saw a better world
A world of peace and gentleness
Before my eyes unfurled

And in my fantasy beheld
A vision of mankind
All set beneath a bow of fire
In glory full enshrined

His voice was singing so in tune
With all that was around
That such a heav`nly melody
Did o`er the earth resound

And all the hands that owned contempt
Were clasped together tight
To form a ring of unity -
`Twas such a splendid sight

Then all the eyes that never saw
How wondrous life could be
So glinted through the bow of fire -
It surely dazzled me

For all humanity became
As just one beating heart
Together joined in harmony
Thus no more set apart

At night he gazed upon the stars
By day towards the sun
To mingle with the fruitful earth
With all he was at one

Then all the trees bowed down in awe
All creatures danced and played
All flowers spread their petals wide
As `neath the sun they swayed

(But this was just a wistful dream
One that may never be
A vision in a saddened heart -
`Twas just a fantasy)

Today I slipped into a dream
And saw a better world
Where sixteen billion gemstones flashed
Which in her hair were purled

Comments about A Dream

A world of peace and gentleness comes before your eyes in dream and turns into paradise of reality. Each of us should see such dream to motivate lives in reality of peaceful and lovable world. All creatures dance and play here. All flowers bloom beautifully. Nature is graceful. An excellent dream poem is nicely penned...10
I love the flow of the beautiful narrative poem. A subtly penned and nicely encapsulated train of thoughts depicting the unveiling of Paradise on the occasion of Coming Of The Lord. Thanks for sharing. Please read my poem THE PHOENIX STRANGLER.
Beautiful dream poem shared on. Nice way of seeing better world. Excellent job done and shared on. Excellent work.
How truly wonderful your world of peace and gentleness seemed! I think if I could see anyone's dream fulfilled this would be the one I choose. For you use the word harmony in this dream world of yours and to me that is one of the most beautiful words in the English language. It just encompasses such a broad spectrum. It's almost inconceivable. But world peace and all living in kindness and harmony? What more could a person want out of their lifetime?
It is impossible to fully comprehend the extent of the elegance of your pen... so many facets...such beauty, such grace and poise... I bow to you dear poet... in awe.

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4,9 out of 5
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