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A Dream
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A Dream

Poem By keren huang

I had a dream,
a dream that creates possibilities from the impossibe.
I dreamt,
of being with you.
The kind of relationship is rather undefined,
but rather distant.
the bond we had in the past,
had been shattered.
One which still occasionally haunts me,
ramaging through every single memory.
Till I realised,
that they were all painfull and saddening.
is a word used to describe one's longing for someone.
It totally expressed the sentiment that I have now.
Writing on does liberate me from the sorrows,
and pushes me on further to continue with my life.
I know you are gone,
and gone for good.
Let it remain as a sweet, fond memory.
A recollection when it so desire,
or when I so desire.
I hope the best for you,
in God's name I pray.

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