A Farmers Tale

It felt a little awkward
As I lay upon the grass
Naked as my day of birth
The sun burning my ass
My partner lay beside me
Her ample bosom blessed
And a feeling in between my legs
That brought me happiness
We lay there deep in love's embrace
With nature all around
She straddled me across the face
I couldn't hear a sound
Her lips were very welcome
My tongue explored her depths
I tickled her a little
And she gasped for her next breaths
Too soon the clouds developed
The rain came falling down
Just as I was thinking
That in her wetness, I could drown
A shame that it was over
We sat up to recover
A day that we would not forget
A farmer and his lover

by Phil Soar

Comments (49)

It was one of my better poems
Bladerunner Remember when you were a child there was a spider? ........They're just implants Philip K. questioned the meaning of existence. This poem is perhaps an extension of Decartes philosophy I think therefore I am.
you dumb child u dumb and stupid
Dreams are that which takes us all along. We dream to live and dream to progress. Appreciate your poem.
This is one of his brighter, less macabre poems. A refreshing change that I very much enjoyed!
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