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A Dream
YS (03/09/72 / bronx, new york)

A Dream

There was something in the air last night
something that cried along the way..
the wind flew, the stars shined, the trees moved
wisdom again i said, who will i meet?
who will bring me, what i see
what are the expectations to what is beneath
why so far, why me?
the cry, a hope for salvation
the hope, to live another day
the anger, for not trying
the wisdom, to be brave
but what you really want to do along the way?
to cry, to let the pain free
to hope, for a better dream
to let go of the anger that is deep inside your soul
to appreaciate wisdom and follow it to the grave
for there would be a tomorrow
for heavens sake
what ever you feel inside of you
will be a part of another night
another gloriest day....

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