A Dream

She sees him arriving,
Handsome tall guy,
He sees her smiling,
Mysterious tall girl,
Her eyes grab his sight,
to her he comes on a flight:
May I? A sit he takes,
Her breath he hears,
His dreams she sees…
Their hands they hold,
Together they live
Forever a dream.

by Florida Angel

Comments (7)

Great piece...short and quick to read but forever will live....lovely..
Very nice poem, in fact pure love in this world is not found, if the lover find real love in the world, it will be a matter of fortune, and the rest of life they live in dream though it is the conscious world of man.Take care. Shanazar
simple and elegant it does happen that way sometimes and with luck it lasts
Now this is just plain great........way beyond and better than Two Smiles.....love it...and btw...........slow as heck getting in here today, AGAIN, thought it was fixed.. m.m. :)
This is simply colossal. You have a great way of describing things and that's so something. Thanks a hell lot for sharing. Warm Regards Mohammad
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