Frozen Relation

When real relation is frozen or turned frost?
You are not loved at all but continue to be hated most
Some irritation starts creeping in mind
You see nothing except being rude and unkind

It so happens that words are misunderstood
Some bad words are taken for granted as good
It goes on till some ice is broken sincerely
But such thing happen seldom or rarely

The hatred plant grows enormously without being fed
Nourishment and other things are fuelled by friends
No one takes to reason and tries to make some improvement
It is allowed to worsen to such an extent that no time is left to resent

We have been molded in such a way to be carried very easily
Some of the words are picked just for nothing unnecessarily
It is quoted and misquoted to deteriorate the relation further
It adds to your tension and forces you think and relentlessly bother

Our human mind is product of all ills minus few good things
It remains puzzled and occupied all the time for something
Some where legs will be pulled for no cause at all
This will invite all troubles leading to scuffles and easy fall

It is not easy to develop relation and maintain it till the end
It depends on how much you compromise and shift the trend
You must be like river flow to change the course at every curve
Then only the passage will be made smooth and easy to serve

So many individuals think over this delicate issue and do not come to easy conclusion
There has to be always some exclusions and much to discomfort some inclusions
It is always give and take system that strengthens the relation
There can not be at any time good situation or favorable equation

You try to let go some of the thorny aspects and avoid the scene
The sweet results may be on card and a result will be seen
It is not always that any body can be fooled all the time to come
Some of the compromising stand may make them to think and welcome

As nature has taught us to be adaptable to some of the changes
New words can be inserted at any time on the brand new page
It may speak of altogether new story to create ever lasting impression
You are succeeding at all your attempt in the opening of the session

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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thoughts are magnificent, to be all alone among the crowd
A magnificent write that I truly enjoyed. Full of depth and meaning. Dead but yet still very much full of life. A great metaphor.
Crossed the heavens! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Highly philosophical narrative showing one's paradox with regard to our intense longing for heaven. Thanks a lot.
A moving reminder that we do not have to ascend to the heavens to beseech Divine grace, for his love and mercy are already at work among us here in the strife and turmoil of life. Provocatively expressed.
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