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A Dream
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A Dream

Poem By Jeremiah Prince

I walk onto a
Dark, grassy field.
Under a purple sky,
With nice things to yield.

It is then that I see her,
She walks with such grace.
Her black, silky hair
Complemented her face.

In contrast to the sky,
Her beauty increases.
Of my broken heart,
She seems to pick up the pieces.

She takes a few steps,
Even closer to me.
Her sparkling blue eyes;
So wonderful to see.

Her slender figure,
So curvaceous and long.
The woman beckons to me
Like a siren song.

I walk closer, drawn
In by her eyes, her smile.
I would walk to her now,
Even many-a-mile.

I approach this angel,
She emanates heat.
My lips proceed to hers:
We are very soon to meet.

My face gets to hers,
But I feel not a thing.
I look, and she’s gone.
The siren ceases to sing.

I wake from that dream
Of the Beautiful One,
My lustful fantasies
Are unfortunately done.

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hehehe cute its a wet dream made into a cute poem hehehee