CS (19-06-1969 / Adelaide - Australia)

A Dream - A Wish - A Life

A picture of a life in my memory – it feels so familiar,
It was a happy time – faces smiling – comfort – security,
Honesty and warmth in shared conversation -
Echoes of a child’s laughter - happily playing -
The sensation of completeness.

Was this all in a dream?
The dream was mine.
Deep within my memories I found this treasure -
Locked within the safety of my most precious moments.

I was once given a priceless gift - it was all I had ever wished for.
Was I ungrateful? Was I blind?
Blinded by the absolute beauty that was all around me?
So careless, so unaware of what it was I had in my hands.

It was my dream – my wish – my life – my happiness.
I let it slip from my grip, from my heart and my soul.
When I had realized my mistake – I looked around –
It was long gone.

January 15th 2006

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Charmaine, it's the simple things we take for granted... but it's those simple things that mean the most. A very profound poem... well done! ! Brian
Dreams are still apart of you. They just have changed over the years. Its embracing new dreams that make life meaningful.