A Dream And A Wish To Never Wake

I dreamt of you last night,
the wish to never wake to grainy color
Pervaded our language barrier,
Sometimes I think better of silence
Than the elusive warrants of dead symbols
Floating as fallen leaves in the river's current,
Now stuck in tremulous fate

We had an interpreter, you and I
He moonlights as a costumed monster
For children brought to songshows poolside
Everybody clapped in rhythms I couldn't follow
This dream was your birthday
You shone at the center, I knew,
Even without seeing you, missing you
Room by room, the wake of your presence
Left shadowy trace in sunlit dance

I felt anticipation's fear,
Much like Buenos Aires alight four years ago,
With my slab of mortared tongue
I resigned myself to a veranda snack bar,
Struggling to buy candies from a patient man,
His currency and words foreign
And I ate and watched you in your birthday crowd,
Walked to keep a vista in the afternoon:
Your carousel of smiles and laughter
Once I felt your eyes
The air cooled and turned clearer

And like Buenos Aires I finally mustered
An approach to you
Your skin perfumed with flowers
Of Hyacinth girls in giggle
You asked what it is I want
And I could only look to the costumed monster,
Whose mask lay poolside for the moment,
His human face curious for my response.

by Aeronius D. McCoy

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