A Dream As A Goal

Into Abstract feeling
To love someone
And learn together
Hands to hold trusting

Jumping to the known
But as together unknown
Still certain of the action
Unexpected to jump

Still on hold
In trust to face
Whatever may come
As happy to be

Together on hold
Handlings fulfilled
A dream as a goal
Romance as charcoal...
Burst! ! ! !

by Florida Angel

Comments (3)

Thanks for commenting on my poems, You are also a very great writer and i wish i could be you. take care, and keep on writing
Guess we'd never get anywhere without our dreams.....right Karina? ? ? took ten minutes to open up this poem and twenty to get to page..PH not functioning in my area. Had wondered about you for over a WEEK, but see you've been commenting lots.... nice poem here. marci.made.~~~
The last lline is interesting, especially when you ruminate an abstraction.