A Dream Come True

I graduated from high school when I was eighteen years old
I had received my diploma which was like a treasure of gold
I could not attend College because my family was down and out
My life was full of hardships - as for my future - I was always in doubt.

As I grew older, I could never keep a job because of problems with my health
I have grown up not knowing the meaning of the word - "wealth"
I struggle each day with the pains that I feel within
There are times that I wonder if I ever will win.

I have always had firm belief in God, and I turned to Him in prayer
He reaches out His arms to me when I am filled with despair
I could feel my body being healed with His almighty power
The tingling sensation so fresh - like a cold morning shower.

With God by my side, I ventured out to achieve my goal in life
Every day, I an filled with inspiration - there is no more heartache and strife
I no longer have doubt of my future - I have completed the course of my choice
Data Entry has always intrigued me, so I followed His beckoning voice.

With certificate in hand, and renewed pride in my heart,
I thank the dear Lord for helping me make a brand new start.

by Shirley Ruth Caron

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I'm so impressed by your expression of faith and your strength in the face of adversity. Whatever the future holds, I know you will be an inspiration. God bless. Dave Mansfield