A Dream Fulfilled…

There was a moment, long ago,
when this life that I am living
was nothing more than a fantasy…
a time when all I did was dream
of hope and heart, of home and hearth,
and wealth within a family
of my own making.

There was an instant, a quickened flash,
when the whimsy became genuine
and I could feel an energy other than my own,
encapsulated within my soul
and warmed within my will,
vivacious and effervescent,
a brand new life, a treasure.

There was a spark, an animated splash
which wet my world, submerging me
into the journey which would soon
become my universe,
casting me adrift upon the surging seas
of possibility and chance,
opening to panoramic vistas in my view.

There was a time when all I saw
seemed just a reverie, a vision in my mind,
an apparition born out of desire
to make a difference in this world,
to share my spirit with someone who would remain,
even after all my breath resigned.

There was an era, an epoch,
when knowledge came to be,
imparting my reality separate from my dream…
a brilliant apogee, the summit of my peace,
when realization settled in
finding that within your grin,
I had been bestowed the greatest gift of all…

A mother’s love.

by Betty Jo Hilger

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