A Dream I Had

I’M sure I saw the pigs flying from the sewer last night,
They held in their snouts all my investments-all my dreams and life savings
I wasn’t high, I remember the old doctor pricking my fingertips and all was a blur
I saw him laugh wildly as he tore my stomach apart
‘This isn’t happening, this isn’t happening’
Before I died I saw my mother weeping by an emaciated body, she always feared depravation.
Before I died, I saw my mother stare straight into my eyes and I remember the red where white used to fill her eye
Her rage spilled out in blood from her ducts, the blood streaked her cheek and fell into my withered body
Her rage made her insane, and she threw herself over the building
We neeed more money, there is never enough. We neeed more food, there is never enough.
Her words echoed in my head, still echoing after my death.
THESE PEOPLE DON’T CARE! She shrieked, how painful was her voice in my ears
I remember my ears bleeding, my eyes bleeding, my mouth foaming.
Then woke up to the cold, lonely room.

by Medusa Waves

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