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A Dream In A Pretty World

A Dream In A Pretty World


The pretty world Around us and in us Is like a flashy dream, When we grasp it, It flies away like a passing cloud. It's the dream that lives in us And we don't live in it because It does not stay. It's a difficult dream that Flips from between your hands. It's a tricky dream that You live it for long time, then It goes suddenly in a moment. It's a moment that goes quickly In a huge trip in one's life. It's our pretty dream that we Live it for a short period of time. This is our pretty life Summed up in one pretty moment That vanishes suddenly. The whole life is like a pretty Dream that is a moment that Goes away quickly though we feel it Like a long trip in our life.

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Brilliant imagination and creativety. I enjoyed the poem. Thanks for sharing
Beautiful poem.. Congratulations for poem of the day
Wonderful poetic paragraph..just like a rainbow bubble bursting at the happiest moment...thank you for sharing..
It's more like a speech than like a poem. The content is great and I sense a poet in you, just put the word like how a true poet does and how a true poem should be. I hope you read my other poems and rate mine too. Regards, Vaibhav Simha.
Sort of philosophical drop. The life is just a bubble that bursts at any time without giving any indication. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful poem. Congrats.
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