A Dream Of Shoe

I didn't do on my shoe not willingly
Rather they refused to bear me
Walking no jumping ahead fast
Rest a while; rest; didn't pay heed my words
Walking across the shadowy path; dark forest
Passed jig-jug whirled round the mounting up
Fatigue extremely fatigue yet running and running
Suddenly I dreamt the shoe turned into bird
Flying and flying; the trees are keen to shelter
They ask to sit on the greenish brunches
The shoe flying and flying wouldn't like to sit
But must sit questing cheek
So called gentle men's cheek to be sat on....


Other poems of ARATISANKAR (2350)

Comments (8)

A wonderful imaginative poem.While walking the poet imagines his shoes to turn birds and fly to welcoming green branches of trees.It is a bit difficult for me to understand the last two lines..
beautiful.wonderful narration
Great imagery and nice flow, I liked it.10
Like a plane first runs on wheels, then takes off and starts flying......your dreamy shoe first runs and gets fatigue and then starts flying.....good imagination...
something of a Magic from Gupi gayeen Bagha bayen......wonder if shoes had wings? ... thanks
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