A Dream Trip

In a dream, late one night
I had wings and took to flight.
Over clouds and thru the stars
Past Saturn, Jupiter and Mars.
I settled into a flight pattern
Moonlight bright was my lantern.
Very much to my surprise
There below my seeking eyes.
Things I thought I'd never see
Were on display just for me.
From West coast to Eastern shore
Over Niagara, I heart it's mighty roar.
The Painted Desert and the Rockies tall
Are two beautiful things that I recall.
Carved in rock four famous faces
Sandy beaches frothed in foamy laces.
Golden wheat fields rippling in the sun
Over the Great Lakes one by one.
I saw huge cities with buildings tall
Country towns, quaint and small.
North, south, East and West
I saw our nation at it's best.
The dream that was a real delight
Ended with the morning light.
I awoke to another beautiful day
Hoping sleep would again bring the dream my way.

by Jean O'Neal Floyd

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