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A Dream Under The Lamppost

lying down under the Lamppost
looking up counting on stars
its dark lonely midnight,
falling asleep dreamy night
he appears from the shadows,
Misha wonders, , , , , ,
stranger or friend?
he draws nearer
cold breath shaking hands
with a silver chalice.
she trembles with exotic fear
and turned aside
he smiled grasping the silver chalice
he came closer and whispers
choose me for life
he gazed like whispering words of love
answer with a sigh
looking into my eyes
Thoughts of triumph
flooding my consciousness
feeling my very existence
begin to slowly fade
stranger? ? ?
The lamppost above begins to flicker
casts a shadow over
his face my face appearing similar
lift my hand to reach the chalice
my arm is heavy,
The lamppost flickers faster, , ,
The wind howls
The breeze, soft and subtle.
fear looming out
The stranger disappeared
A lover appeared
humming a perky song
As he passes, saying
intoxicated by your fragrance
looking deeper into my eyes.
The lampposts flickers twice
love always shows the way, '
he said, Misha mishhaaaaa
ooh Neel my love my soul
you arrived in my soul when i am so lost
warmth of his love,
he whispered slowly love youuuuu
touching his lips with mine
million ways making me quake
fuming desire a passion
continued to walk the path
humming the same chirpy tune
holding hands all the way
until he disappeared from sight
ooh he set off at dawn
feeling alone shattered
I shall never breathe again
i shall never see another sunrise
You took my breath away
oh my heart throbbing with pain
Please come to me come to me
set me free from the pains.......
to be continued............! ! ! ! !

by Anita Sharma

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