Goodbye Says The Wind

Goodbye says the wind
You'll go higher than high
When you lose and rescind
On the day that you die
Flowers are all still falling
In days of diffuse sunshine
And the clocks are calling
Tick tack tick out of line

Every feeling from the heart
Are like leaves glowing
Now the winter again may start
With its cold and its snowing
Here is nothing more to say
To dreams that are gone
That's just times justified way
As to go but ways carry on

Goodbye say the times lost
Now in the bleak outside
The dice are once again tossed
For a new beginning to abide
Hear the ways of the goings
That are lost to our day
Like the wind outside's blowing
Let it all come as it may

by Peter S. Quinn

Comments (2)

its beautiful! never stop writing!
hello, my comment about this poem is that the poet is looking for peace in his life.