A Dream Within A Dream

Poem By Ashay Kolhe

In wonder and in awe,
A dream I had today,
A beauty that I saw,
She took my heart away.

She shone of silver glow,
An aura full of grace,
Even the moon hid low,
Behind the dark cloud's face.

I passed her by and gaped,
And fumbled on the ground,
When her hair back she scraped,
Behind her ears around.

Her eyes hath just met mine,
She lent a helping hand,
I saw a smile divine,
And strewed like grains of sand.

I wondered why she blushed,
Was there masked love involved?
My heart-beats hath just surged,
Hey wait! ! ! ...the scene dissolved.....

A day or so passed by,
But seemed forever to me,
The judgement time was nigh,
I could not wait to see.

The brightest star in east,
Was concealed by her grace,
The beauty and the beast,
Were once more face to face.

Was the time stopped on me?
Or love at second sight?
I could not budge for glee
Had moved me with it's might.

Ne'er this I felt before,
Or half the worth of it,
The lovely heaven's shore,
I sensed beneath my feet.

But then I saw a man,
Holding her gentle hand,
Helpless and feebly wan,
My heart was a broken strand.

I stood there while she left,
A silent spectator,
The dream now seemed bereft,
To the misty-eyed narrator.

Adrift back to reality,
Fading memories descend,
Whammy incredulity,
I couldn't quite apprehend.

Lasting love, I ponder,
Reflection in her eyes,
In her arms, surrender,
Sans eternal goodbyes.

-ashay(20th march,1900 hours)

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