A Dream Within A Dream

At the arrival of every Sundown,
My heart and mind are ready
To welcome you back
Into my lovely dream!

My spirit rests peacefully
While you whisper in my ears
Something not too clear
But then, in a loud scream
I hear you say: 'I love you'
Great sensation I really feel
When you are so closed
And dreaming about me
Within my own dream!

It really feels so real,
Your passionate kisses
Redrawing my shaking body
In what it seems to be
An everlasting night
Without pain and tears!
The daybreak I only fear!

Now, I can hardly wait
For another dawn to arrive
So again, I can have you near
Since you only exist
In my wildest dreams!
You have become
My Muse and Queen!

(c) all rights reserved-2014
New York City

by Romeo Della Valle

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