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A Dream Within A Dream

A Dream Within A Dream

A Dream Within A Dream

I saw you in my mystical dream
Standing on a steep mountain peak
I lifted my head upwards rolling my eyes up
You were standing as if a roaring lion
With a face glittering like the sun
There was no space for a second person
So I just kept gazing at the effulging light
From below, trying to gather the rays
Coming out of your radiant face
Wondering, if I could even dare
To climb up on that steep peak.
I felt an immense delight that I was climbing
The mountain, hoping to get to you
You stretched out your hand telling me:
"Hold on, I want you with me on the top
Come up, I love you, let you hold on my hand,
I'll make it right to see you with me on the top
I got up with a frightful thrill and glanced
Across the vastness spread below
To my surprise, I found, myself gazing at me.
A dream within a dream! ! !


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The last line reveals the suspense that you build in the poem. Beautifully crafted and the poem has a nice flow. Thanks for sharing.