A Dream Within A Dream

as i close my eyes
a blackhole looms
this inner world
a torment it brings
how far does it goes
each night as i sleep
where do i journey to
this dark realm
which for forty-five years
i have travelled each night
never reaching any place
sometimes it throws a dream
a dream where i am
but somebody different from i am
talking like an indian
sometimes it throws a dream
a dream where mom
keeps so quiet
in a never seen house
so much grander
yes, as i live on
i travel each night
in a black hoe
ticking away to a foreign land
year after year
a land which i could not grasp
but accept it with each of my breath
time keeps ticking away
each second, a second
nearer to the day of death
where perhaps i would continue
in this journey in the blackhoe
and perhaps find light in it
in two worlds
i travel, consciously
and subconsciously
in a ship that i control
and being controlled
the master and also the slave
i look into the night sky
and realise that
in this trip i am but
an observer of
a real world and imagined
a film where i partake
each day with no known script
i consider myself the greatest actor in this case
enacting each scene
with a full heart and soul
pain and all
perhaps somewhere out there
someone out there
is enjoying it all
the fact that i control as well as
is controlled by my own life, cells....

by john tiong chunghoo

Comments (3)

How true! The Buddha says all is just an illusion. Everything around us is characterized by dependent origination. Only that which has no beginning and no end qualifies as Truth as Truth has no beginning and no end.
Fantastic piece! Well versed
John, this poem rambles. It is not tight like some of your shorter poems. Again, I would not give my inspiration. The reader tends to focus on the original poet rather than your work. I would love to see you rework this poem as I like the idea of a dream within a dream. I write so many dream poems. Raynette