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A Dream Within A Dream
WM (March 5,1962 / Kinston, Jamaica, West Indies)

A Dream Within A Dream

Poem By Wilfred Mellers

Have you ever had a dream within a dream that you dreamt about?
I dreamt in my dream that I was laying in the arms of my love
While lying in her arms my head rests gently against her bosoms
I was in a state a calm, bliss, and contentment felt never before

I fell asleep in such comfort made me drift gently away
I cried, in the dream, I was dreaming, for such love I have never had since
I woke, in my dream, to be asked what was wrong
Said I, I am fine and drifted away once more asleep

The tears I cried, in the dream, I was dreaming, could fill Victory Lake
Once again I awoke to the comforting eyes of the one I loved the most
I felt so alive and prayed that I could remain in her arms eternally
Realizing that I was still asleep I wish my dream would never end

I loved her so much that my words could never spark
I felt at ease laying in my goddess arms
The comfort that rocked my soul so gently I cried
I cried tears of joy for the life I had with her

I cried knowing that I would wake from my dream
I cried for the things I miss the most and the way I acted
I cried knowing that this was nothing more than a dream
I cried for I was once so foolish and now I know it

I cried for the comfort I had once now lost to time
I cried for the warmth I once had now gone by
I cried for I realized how good I had it now squandered
I cried know such comfort cost so much

I woke from all dreams lying on the floor
I woke to know that a love I had was so true so long ago
Laying there thinking that I have some wonderful memories
I know I will love again but a love like that comes only once in a lifetime

Sometimes you never realize a great thing when you have it
The insensitivity that comes from a place of too much comfort
Neglecting the things that mean the most
Forgetting to maintain, cherish, and nurture love's fire

A kindle fire that still burns learns and earns trust
Forget now that life is a dream for all is never as it seems
Never forget to be a lover or someone else will
The same thing it took to get her will be the same thing to keep her

I wish I could dream of her every night for the rest of my life
The bond that binds us reminds us of what we use to be
The links remain and never can be broken by time
My dream was a wonderful dream but not as you are

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wow amazing very deep and also very sweet