Good Morning My Angel

Good morning my angel my ray of light,
It is but you I will never lose sight!

Your sweetness that you bring to me,
Will keep my heart and peace and harmony!

There is hope and love and dreams,
Your face I see all the time it seems!

The touch of kindness of your smile,
Will make me want to walk an extra mile!

It is destiny that has brung you to me,
Forever I will love you through eternity!

Love you babe! Good morning

by sharon kubeck

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I am set to light the ground While the beetle goes his round SYLVA- ONYEMA UBA
*slurp* *click* NOICE
in my a dream in my a dream world is large but Allah the best of the best wherever and whenever Junglorong, 6 May 2015
Interesting poem...........Nice
Blake's ability to blend rhyme into the simple narrative is what gives his work so much power & beauty. It lodges inside the heart, making the human associations so compelling & profound.
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