A Dreamed Home Coming

Blooming lilies in the pond rising high
Smile and swing to the rhythm of wind
Bees roaming around amongst flowers
Sing a lullaby so sweet and graceful

Chasing away dark clumsy clouds
Sun, through rambutan canopy, peeps smiling
Dries up the wet compound to a softer mat
To receive a heartier foot returning home

Sepalika tree that looked gloomy for days
Smiles today shedding pearly white petals
Setting up a flower mat on compound, nice
To gracefully embrace feet returning home

Restless days, setting the nest for the chick
Dissipated, clearing memory's boundaries
Heart and mind eagerly waiting to embrace
The warmth, once was a void for a while

by Jayatissa Liyanage

Comments (2)

Blooming lilies in the pond rising high give us new dream of hope and softness. Dark clumsy clouds cover sun and sun opens face to give light. Restless days still set nest. Warmness of perception through natural dream is nicely presented in this beautifully penned poem...10
When children who are away from home come back on vacation, it is such a delight for the parents! The nest that has been lying empty for long becomes once more vibrant with life! Days earlier to the count down, the dear ones begin weaving beautiful dreams about the sweet home coming! I can so well relate to this poem!