A Dreamer!

A dreamer me as i look up at the night sky.
Always hoping a UFO might go shooting by!

'Is there anybody out there'? The saying goes.
With trillions of planets, quite possible I suppose.

Are they like ET or maybe little green men?
My imagination is wild as I look again.

Is that a satelite? I really don't know,
it certainly seems to be going so slow.

But with starving masses and continuouis wars,
racial problems, unemployment and stupid laws.

If aliens are watching from so far away,
It's not hard to guess what they would say.

They're not ready for us yet...
Give them 30.000years-I bet.

by Brian Counsell

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Nice poem...My 9 year old son is always thinking of ufo's and aliens and he really enjoyed this one! ! (Nice to see a poem you can let a 9 year old read :) Mary