NB (12/25/1975 / Armenia)

A Dresser

I searched high,
I searched low,
No matter where I put it,
I lost that mesaage of mine!

Maybe it was in the dresser,
In that little door,
Safely tucked away,
I wouldn't have to worry anymore!

I right there quick and to my surprise,
I didn't find anything,
The drawer was quite clean,
All that was left was a little white note.

So, I grabbed it up and read it.
It was short and sweet, really to the point.

I read it over and over and then I cried,
'Why, oh Why can't I? '
To many this may be strange,
Or rather upsetting,
But to me,
I realized what I had become,
I would put a note in drawer so I wouldn't
Forget to close it.
I was about to loose mind,
But I didn't want to show it!

by Nadalia Bagratuni

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