A Drink In February

Taverns along Milwaukee Avenue
near the expressway are bright
with red neon beer signs

Even on an afternoon in February
the welcome beacon of alcohol
cheers the drinker's soul

Barstools hold allure for workers
and cops and tired codgers
who greet each other

Bacchus holds sway in his place
of business and surcease
from mortal pain today!

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This poem is deserving of a 10. Not because I like you or that I want to impress you but because it captures the essence of men as we numb our mind. A good poem to read as I finish a cold dark lager beer!
The bachus holding full sway and the delights of drink so well captured here, in Feb.
Party time.Lot's fun.
having died in a French gutter in one life as an alcoholic I try to avoid the siren songs of bars
not much different in the uk except we call them pubs. Once upon a time the centre of village social life noe just drinking holes for weary wayfarers
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