A Drinking Song

WINE comes in at the mouth
And love comes in at the eye;
That's all we shall know for truth
Before we grow old and die.

by William Butler Yeats Click to read full poem

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Wine comes at mouth and Love comes in at the eye" Outstanding flight of imagery and equally outstanding style of expression.
I like it the poem
i think a lunch would bhe nice hank
A sestet With a rhyme scheme of ab ab ab. Nicely written.
WINE comes in at the mouth And loves comes in at the eye. Nice style.
What would the theme be You decide.
This poem is good for short paragraphs.
Add a comment.very short poem..its very nice... nice explanation of eyes and mouth...
Great way before you quit living. Great
wow... so great yet simple words
The truth lives in the wine..good poem
Images of eyes and mouth ... It is what you see that you will say. Good piece of poem! Sylva.
infatuation, love, admiration desire all are simple and complex at the same time. The poem perfectly captures the the indescribable feeling with a simple sigh.
eye and mouth co-ordination how true?
Kill me, bury me and turn me into earth Hit me with a spade, turn me on a wheel Burn me and give me to a vintner to fill Put your lips on my mouth to drink the wine. Omar al Khayyam.
Nice anyway, lets drink all the way
The true measure of a poem's greatness is that the only words used are those necessary to convey the poet's message. Yeats could have spoiled this by describing the wine or his love. He chose not to, and we are eternally grateful for his brevity. To slake the dust with grape and to sigh at one's love, what more do we need?
A beautiful poem and a wonderful image of love
I like the last line, it is like saying, I look at you and I sigh because it is true, I am falling in love.
Simple and to the point, but true and great.