A Drop Of Water

Only a thirsty man can sure feel,
The importance of thirst is zeal.
To get and drink a drop of water
He can move to stream in better.

You give him milk or also butter
It does not minimize thirst putter.
He does not need sugarcane juice,
To solve thirst situation does truce.

Likewise a man who moves in path,
Truth becomes his search from birth.
Knowledge guides him to get within,
Basing on patience he does soon win.

His thirst grows faster for only God,
As like as in deep water dances cod.
He forgets everything and loves truth,
In service of God he devotes his youth.

Value of a drop of water feels a thirsty,
By drop nectar he removes mind's dirty.
Nectar becomes nature's grace like river,
Ever he remembers father, forgets never.

© Kumarmani Mahakul,3 December 2014. All rights reserved.

by Kumarmani Mahakul

Comments (9)

A spiritual poem, purifying with water from the very Source, for a spiritual purification and refreshing.
Skylark can not quench its thirst by the water of pond; canal; channel; river; ocean. It needs rain water to quench itself. By this way those who are hungry for God's meeting he does not get any taste in man made scriptures or worshiping rules.
A dropp of water in the form of wisdom can quench the thirst of a man who seeks God
May we always thirst for the right thing- God.
His thirst grows faster in pursuit of little wisdom getting closer to God. That drop is nectar that can quench his thirst.. the underlying philosophy of this poem is quite insightful..a very sublime piece of work.. Appreciated!
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