A Drop Of Water

A dropp of water, so sweet,
as tears of happiness, a dropp of honey,
brings joy to the mind.
A dropp of water, so bitter,

by Sreeja Sreedharan Click to read full poem

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Would like to use A Drop of Wayer in a wearable art project. Please let me know if that is ok.
Hi Sreeja, Very pertinent poem; well written. Representing water as the nectar of life. Well worded..
An amazingly refreshing write, like the water is a source of life.Thanks for sharing :) Best wishes. A.
Water is the life juice in every thing...water in many forms means how multi faceted this life is...good meaningful write, Sreeja...10
Beautiful poem great feeling Keep writing please! ! !
A look at the chamber - the drops fall - one, two, three, ..... - the counting begins. Half-a-litre to run in exactly four hours. Precise mathematical calculation. The tubing offers no clue - it is filled with water - forever. The side-port of the channel allows access to my vein - reserved only for the nurses with expressionless faces to push some alien fluid into my blood from time to time - it stings, it hurts - but I can't complain - because it all is, purportedly, for my good. It is water that they are infusing, and yet I am not permitted to drink even a dropp - I am dying of thirst. But nobody really seems to care. They don't know that I have overheard them discussing that I am not going to last for long. The drops relentlessly come down - one, two, three, ........ - I lose count - a vacant stare as death closes in.
and 90% of your body is also water...
I took the greatest delight in reading this charming poem.
like I always say, there is beauty in simplicity... big up!
u seem to be a keen observer... simple and bful words about the essential par of a human beings life... :)
A wonderful composition. I love it.
that was really incredible.