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A Drug Addict Dilemma

There lived in a village,
a young drug addict,
stealing small things to feed his bad habit.
When caught red-handed he was hit,
as he was the real culprit.

He was often sent to jail.
For that all villagers hailed.
But sometimes he was put in jail as prisoner,
just to please the angry villagers.
He became the scape-goat.
Those wolves in lamb coat,
escaped without a probe.
How could he win when the judges took side,
by receiving money as a bribe?
He was never given a benefit of doubt.
He always lost in legal battle he fought.
When something was stolen in the village,
the thief took the good advantage,
by pointing an accusing finger,
yet he was not the real wrong-doer.

One day the village head's daughter disappeared.
She was not found far or near.
She eloped with her lover to another state.
Then the gossips started to circulate.
He must be a doctor's son,
He must be a lawyer's son.
He must be a rich man's son.
He must be well-educated and handsome.
He surely was not a bum.

The daughter wouldn't be that stupid,
by putting her life at great risk.
to elope with such an addict.
Those words made him so sick.

The drug addict said it was so unfair,
shouting in an angry manner.
When something was stolen, all accusing fingers pointed at me.
Now the beautiful daughter disappeared, they said her lover was someone other than me.

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liked this one, there is a nice moral story going on here obviously attacking the stereotype that all drug addicts are scum, which is most cases is not the case, also that a young lady from a privelaged background would never elope with such a waste of space, which as you put nicely in the poem, this is also not the case, true love does not mark points against background, creed, colour, race, liefestyle is has no time for such vanities, love dodges these blockades on goes deep into the soul. nice poem regards Vincent