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A Drunken Faqëër

A Drunken Faqëër

A Drunken Faqëër

While walking through downtown
I saw a faqir roaring in his drunken state
My heart weeps in separation
My heart rejoices in union
My heart groans and mourns
My heart sleeps and relaxes
My heart is a garden in flames
My heart is the resort of cool breeze
My heart is a desert with thorns
My heart is the meadow of flowers
My heart is a town of fear and blood
My heart is a town of chivalry and courtesy
My heart is the city of temples and taverns
My heart is the city of mosques and closets
My heart is a meadow where gazelles graze
My heart is the forest where wild beasts breed
My heart is the mine of silver and gold
My heart is the dumping place of garbage
My heart is the retreat of lovers
My heart is the cloister of hoaxers
Suddenly he regained his sobriety
And shrieked with ecstasy
My heart is conscious and
My heart grieves and forgets not
My heart is the centre of my world
My heart is the sacred land of Mecca
With landmarks dear to believers
The mountain of mercy stands here
The mountain of light upright here
Where Gabriel jingles the mystic bell
Kàba stands in its centre
Which the pilgrims circumbulate
The paradise lost is here
That a believer must regain
The Green dome lies here
Where the prophet of love is residing
My heart is the city of peace
My heart is the city of knowledge
My heart contains the preserved tablet
My heart is the source of all knowledge
My heart is the throne of creator
Where from he manages his dominion
My heart is the resort of my love
My heart is the locus of my essential self
That has no specific location
In my heart I see shiny mornings
Neither preceded nor succeeded by darkness
Here I profess the religion of peace and love
Here I burn to ashes all that
Is sacrilegious to love
I love faithful and faithless alike
I adore all creatures with pristine love
That is my belief, that is my religion
With humility and gently he concluded
In my heart I do not see other than my essential self
Can anybody see beyond?
No! No! No! Not at all
God is too high to be seen by the mortal eye
The like of Him is never seen
Nothing is like Him, nothing unlike


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