Mother – Daughter

I wasn't
As a
As I never
Got my

I'm now
As a
As I'm there
For my daughter

So that she doesn't
Grow up and lament
Like me:
I wasn't happy as a
Daughter, as I never
Got my mother...

[Not that my mother enjoyed being a high-flying career woman as despite many inland and abroad tours (she's visited 18 countries) and the luxuries that come with being a Class I gazetted officer, she took VR (voluntary retirement) just after one year of my marriage even though 8 years of service were still remaining....I realised that she did it all to get a Govt. accommodation in a pricey metropolitan city like Delhi where she could give me a good education and after my marriage, as her responsibilities were over, she left her job. She never had a 9 to 5 job, coming quite late at night due to work commitments of meetings, seminars, conferences and project deadlines, and also had to work on many weekends to finish pending tasks.]

by Aparna Chatterjee

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......A drunkard is a dead man, /And all dead men are drunk..An insightful piece of verse!
good poem.....drives home the effects of booze.
this is a nice poem..kept on reading this last night...
i love this poem more every time i read it!
This is one to memorize and recite when one is drunk! IF that is possible!
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