Loving The Light Nights

The light summer nights are here at last;
The spirit of winter has finally passed.
Now, when I leave work, the sky is blue;
Until recently, it had a much darker hue.

On many a morning, there is a misty haze,
Then, during the day, the sun will blaze.
Now that the days are getting a little longer,
My soul, within, feels so much stronger.

When I walked home: when it was dark,
I never dared to walk through the park.
Now, there is nowhere for shadows to lurk,
As, in the daylight, I walk home from work.

Now, when a day's work has taken its toll,
Through the park, I feel happy to stroll.
In the light, the park is a pleasant place to be;
Enjoyed by everyone, up to a hundred and three.

Now, I often see other people in the park too,
And, no intimidating teens are within my view.
In winter, when it was dark, by late afternoon,
Teenagers got drunk, and litter was strewn.

I hated walking home, when the light had gone;
For it to be dark at 5pm, just seems so wrong.
It's lovely to be able to walk home in the light,
When, sometimes, the sun is still burning bright.

I love it when summertime officially starts;
I feel much happier: there's hope in my heart.
I would love long evenings for all of the year;
For the long summer nights, let's give a cheer!

by Angela Wybrow

Comments (6)

......A drunkard is a dead man, /And all dead men are drunk..An insightful piece of verse!
good poem.....drives home the effects of booze.
this is a nice poem..kept on reading this last night...
i love this poem more every time i read it!
This is one to memorize and recite when one is drunk! IF that is possible!
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