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A Duel Of Desire

Sweat trickles down his back
Moistening the soft dark hair on the back of his neck
Round and round we move
Circling like vultures
In this slow dance of death

In this cruel game, his sword has yet to hit my heart
For that is its eventual aim
To hit a vital organ
Not any organ
His aim is for my heart alone
For now the sword hits only my limbs
Marking them for life
The memory will last forever in the marks he has made.

In his eyes I see a pool of brown
Intent on me alone
For I am his aim

I can end this cruel game
If I cease to dodge his sword
And embrace its plunging into my heart
Or I could stop maneuvering my own sword
Stop dealing my own blows
Then he too might stop

A muscle tightens in his arm
His sword grazes my throat
The touch of death
The pangs of emotion flutter in my stomach
With the pounding of my heart
For all could be lost

He strikes
His aim is true
My heart!
The duel has ended
Peace is in the air
Overhead a dove sings its song

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It is a pity this dual involves the death of one of them, or maybe it is the death of independance. I lay down my arms and give up willingly! lol Nice one Melody! whoever you are! 9 from Tai, give inner!