A Horror Story

I can only see red,
My soul long since dead,
Insects of many forms crawl on me,
Feeding on my fear like cenobites,
Hissing and breathing their torture,
Like a hand upon my shoulder,
Telling me I've got it wrong,
And dead bodies litter the street,
From my guns, to drugs and atomic bombs,
Created to destroy mankind,
Scientists having not known the impact,
Of their brutal discoveries.

The house sits alone, always alone,
On its throne, in a dead end street,
And my dreams are the master's meat,
For I have sinned,
Now I burn in hell,
My soul commanded by a wicked spell,
That only a witch, working for the devil,
Knows how to write.

I wish for daylight,
But it is night-time,
Vampires feeding on my blood:
Feeding on my fear,
And I see evil lurking in the shadows,
I feel the devil's curse,
For I see people attack each other,
I see blood spilled and people cry,
I see soldiers torture people,
Until they give out and want to die,
And lovers, family and friendships,
Are forgotten,
In a cold, cruel world,
Where no one calls home,
Tears flooding the ocean,
Writing a painful destiny.

It does not matter the race of people:
We all have experienced this horror story,
And children learn from adults,
Seeing how to hurt and how to cause hurt,
Tell lies, keep secrets and manipulate friends,
Crime dominating the daily news,
It all being fake: it all being about money,
No one caring whether that schoolgirl,
Comes home at night,
Or if she entertains men,
With her stockings & suspenders,
And snorting drugs to kill her nerves.

This horror story should end,
Children and parents should not pretend,
People need to let go of their greed,
Where a new world of love will succeed,
And no one needs torture: no one needs pain,
The only tears that should be shed,
Are from the cleansing rain.
And when a rainbow shines,
The whole world will celebrate and smile,
And we can find that elusive pot of gold,
That will make our dreams and ambitions grow,
And lead us into being loving and compassionate,
Following after the horror story's ending credits.

by Paula Glynn

Comments (4)

super se upper sir
Sir this poem is very well written ,sir I am your student whom u inspired to write poems✌✌✌
And yet, you deceived me As any, with a number of plea. Better by far you should forget & smile Than play with my emotions for a while. a fact in a love relationship.........love its dangers and beauty and its terrible mystery...... thank you dear poet. tony
Very impressive write, Pulak. You may like to read my poem, Love And Lust. Thank you.