(2nd July,1986 / Bahraich, India)

A Dusk In Nepal (At Returning From There)

The sun calls back of its rays,
And ready to go far behind,
Birds and cattle are on their ways,
To reach home before the day turns blind,
A lark comes and claspes its nestling,
With my friends I see at the road,
Rolled down eyes pearls, I kept on smiling,
I miss my mother badly in abroad.

It gets dark, wild, bitterly winds blow,
And this cause the cold to grow,
By and by we make our pace slow,
And into a creeping bus in a row,
My emotions let me on my fancies fly,
All of sudden, I unwell vomit twice,
Once at a man whom to aside I try,
But journey has been certainly nice.

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wow, this is a great reflection of home and being away from it. I love some of the imager you have described of Napal, I would love to hear more about it. it sounds like a very interesting place from what you have mentioned and a little of what I have heard about it