A Troubled Mind (Insomnia)

My wakeful hours seem infinite in their absolute momentary torment,
Seeking respite in the darkness of one's obviously precipitous ill content,
Hour upon hour, minute upon minute, alone with a troubled mind,
Genuine gratified thoughts escape the possibility of ever being defined.

My body confesses to aches created from prolonged lack of rest,
My attentive mind screams out in complete and utter protest,
The ticking clock beats slowly, in unrelenting, solitary rhyme,
No cure in sight for the continual passage of everlasting time.

The thoughts pass by so quickly they are impossible to possess,
The consciousness inundated with unequivocal, severe duress,
Sanctuary hides, on the distant horizon, holding you with sheer captivation,
The bars that bind the soul holding fast, with their seeming infatuation.

I crave freedom from the icy cell, created within my miserable existence,
Devouring pills desperately, my mind secure in its determined resistance,
Clinging to the hope that sleep will save me from my own horrid persecution,
Impossible to alleviate, the reality of never finding an amicable resolution.

The sincere night silence, haunting, as the dark envelopes, morning grows near,
Twisting and turning your thoughts with irrational, uncontrollable, subversive fever,
The shadows ominous, as they reach into your mind frightening, haunting,
Seeking desperately, some sanity, to allay your task so terribly daunting,
I am destined forever to a wander lonely, misunderstood and segregated,
Upon my faults and failures my loved ones insistently resolute are fixated.

Far beneath the surface, emotions untamed, ensuring consummate solitude,
Hold me close, love me for all that I am, keep in mind the incredible magnitude,
Seeking recognition, comprehension and freedom from unjust condemnation,
Empathy is not difficult and all should receive this deserved affirmation.

Just compassion and consideration is all I ask of those closest to me,
Please, allow their hearts, minds and spirits just to let me be


by Jen Sheridan

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All praises have been said already by many poets here.. I only have to say that this poem has given me an any-time visual of the content to my heart....you are ever a great poet Emily
A superb poem displaying the role of the destiny and reiterating the saying man proposes but god disposes. Thanks for sharing it here.
Emily Dickinson wrote many poems that explored this theme of “too little too late, ” It is a sad end when you try so hard to make a difference in life but she knew that was the more likely outcome to her attempt to change the course of fate. I enjoyed her words: sped too slow twas not his blame- who died. Emily can have a fairly tart outlook- she is not all peaches and cream by any means
Emily's poems were not conventional as these were written solely for the purpose of expressing herself. In seeking publication it appears that her motive was more to be have some acknowledgement of her emotions than just fame. Reading her biography she appears to be a highly sensitive person who lived with herself much more than others. She observed everything very thoroughly and attached herself with little events so much so that she could see poetry everywhere. With this reference if we reflect on her current poem - She is talking about a man she thought of as very strong and is referring here as Tiger. Somewhere the two shared a very strong bond of trust. Emily tried all she could while dying tiger carried the vision of Emily and what she carried with herself (reference of water) which was so precious to the dying master and he craved for in his last breath. Most probably she felt it was wrong thing to happen that they could not meet before his death but her intelligence told her that it was no one's fault. So it appears that she abruptly ended the poem as she could not convince herself entirely with what she wrote in last para.
Yes peoples! She is speaking of the tigers eyeballs! Lol. I really love the first two stanzas but for some reason I find the whole last one just doesn't resonate well with the first two. I think she could have come up with a better way to end the piece while still having him die in the end. Love your little ditty there Capt'n! ! ! !
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