A Dying Tree

I guess this tree will fall apart soon
I can foresee it by the flowers dying
Branches will break and hit the dirt
As I see the green leaves slowly drying

It seems to me nothing will stay green
And the fruits that are left only taste bitter
I believe they say when it rains it pours
So I guess nothing can make things better

But who would actually know and could say
If a tree actually has a soul
Makes me wonder if it has its own will to live
Has it given up or it simply got too old

Nonetheless how sad it is to witness
This tree I grew up with fall apart
Perhaps it's 'cause I was part of it after all
Which explains why it really shatters my heart


by Fareez Phalez

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family members. slowly dying is a metaphor of the love and care for the family, when all branches will fall.... then what then? ? ? the fruits.......... good times.. the family's soul..... depends on love and care., a great vision of the family, love, care, union, laughter, smiles, hugs, thank you dear poet for this love that you are spreading.. tony