A Euphoric Morning With Nature

Sipping a cup of hot tea
I sit at the side of my window,
Thinking about the blue sky.
Listening to chirping of the birds
I intend to step out of the house

And there I am in the midst of nature
High over the heels,
Standing beside the green trees;
Sensation of cold breeze zest my soul
Evoking me to achieve my goal

Then as I walk by the green fields,
I see dew drops falling on the leaf;
And that's how beautiful my life is
Showered by the drops of blessings.

Eventually somewhere beneath the lake
I find myself complete,
I sit and admire beautiful creation of God
Wondering how great is Thou art!

by Ruth anthony

Comments (3)

A refined poetic imagination, Ruth. You may like to read my poem, Love And Lust. Thank you.
how great is thou art, beautiful
Sorry it's I couldn't find proper words. Find is missing..