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A Fabricated Nation
KR (29/08/1988 / London, England)

A Fabricated Nation

Poem By Kaspa Richards

A foreign policy against colonization
From a nation that has its roots
In wiping the Native American population
Off the map and to become foreigners
Within there own existing borders of the first nation
The first people, the first culture
Who had fed off the land and drank the water
For a thousand generations
America, this love child of European wars
And an affair with the workers of Asia
Through its expansion west many natives scorn
But it didn’t even faze ya
The devil or serpent or just the America dream
Whatever you wanna call it it’s never what it seems
But if there’s one thing for certain apart from their monopoly
This country can only exist with a war time economy
Its interests first and the world comes later
As an Englishman,
I know my words have less weight than this paper

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